Geforce 440MX 128RAm crashes all the time

hi well i have a geforce 4 mx 440 under windows XP i have installed the latest drivers however when windows starts the whole computer just freezes and won’t come out. If i am lucky enough for this not to happen (about 0.1%of the time) whenever i load a game the whole pc just crashes! To make matters worse when i take the card out and replace it with my old TNT2 the computer doesn’t even seem to recognise it is there! So no games for me! Can anyone help?

Nvidia = PLug and play my arse!

When i say the pc doesnt recognise it is there i mean the tNT2

1- Take off the gf card …
2- see if your main board is compatible with the gf4 …some abits are not …
3-Get the latest detonator driver
4-Full delete and reinstall of your windows xp to rewrite the registry.( this is probably the reason why your tnt is not beeing recognized).

If none of this seems to work , try changing your card with the dealer ,the card must be

ohh of course …you also need to put the card back if your main board is compatible before installing windows

Yeah i have a feeling my motherboard not be compatible with this card. Doh! Is there a way i can find out the name of my motherboard in windows? Are these syptoms a common incompatibity issue? (the crashing)

oh and my TNT2 works now! I just didnt close down the computer properly before inserting it!lol i was getting VERY impatient. Looks like i’ll need a new motherboard if i want my Geforce 4 to run damn motherboards are a pain to install!
Cheers for the help!

What are all these detonator files? Are they the Nvidia OpenGL files? If so can someone give me a link directly to all of them cause when I search for OpenGL at it just gives me a bunch of random crap.

theres a site that has loads of nvidia drivers etc i think that might have what you are looking for.
Aren’t opengl drivers icluded in the normal nvidia drivers?

If you-re getting the detonator pack , it includes the OpenGl driver , extensions and everything that make we happy

at nvidia you can find the detonator , it´s just better than other url´s , you have the insurance of downloading the very latest installment of the drivers

Ok here is the url for downloading the detonator 43.45 (directly from nvidia)

for win2k and xp
just click and save

Originally posted by joe_solo:
Are these syptoms a common incompatibity issue? (the crashing)

Definitely… it may crash your your system …it may broke your agp slot and even your entire motherboard … for example the first series of the FIC PA-2013 mainboard were incompatible with the voodoo 3 series , and it if you put one of these cards you actually burned your motherboard