Geforce 4 MX 440

Anyone Know why the stupid Geforces are not working? I e-mailed nvidia and told them to fix this opengl problem.

I have the same probleme…
My Leadtek Gforce4 MX440 doesn’t take at all opengl… even with latest nvidia’s driver for this card
at first i whent to Leadtek for drivers but it didn’t work so i wrote to the tech support they said :" hurrr yep sorry huurr our drivers arn’t working…go to nvidia !!!" :o:O:O :open_mouth:
But nvidia doesn’t propose anythning else for opengl and latest driver isn’t good enough to play HALF-LIFE (in DOD version) under WIND2K

if anyone could show me DIRECTLY to a link where i could find a opengl driver… :S



Download this
" nVidia Refresh Rate Fix MKII for Detonator 40.41 "

at this link
" "
it solved my problem for playnig Halfe-life and Day of defeat

Ill Try This new detonator i cant even play warcraft 3 without it freezing

I just tried installing the thing u told me but i cant finish the install it just freezes when it gets to 62%. LOL anyone know how else i can fix my problem

What OS do u use ?

is u’r windows fresh ? is the geforce card’s driver up to date ?
When a tool like that can’t run “all the way”, there is a conflict of some sort due to either a missing file (try desactivating antivirus’s and firewall when installing things) or incompatibility due to old versions or bad technologie…

try the tech forums on the web sites of the game u can’t run (i found my own solution on tech support for open gl on Day of defeat site)because anyway Nvidia provides almost no technical support on opengl problems

I use windows 98
pentium 3 733
256MB sd-ram
Asus motherboard
soundblaster live 5.1
and u know my vid card

this “tool” i advised is for wind2k and XP problems (it can’t do anything bad to your system anyway )

but normaly with windows98 gforce opengl isn’t that bad

have u been to your game’s web site on the forum ? ask them (in the forum or the tech support) for problems on opengl or see if there are people who have solutions

i told u what answerd my problems and how i found my own solutions for opengl now young paddawan i can’t do no nothing more cos i am no techniction

OpenGL does not work for me, too.
This is an XFX GF4 MX440SE 64MB DDR AGP in an
AGP 1.0 slot on a Biostar M5ALA 2.0 with
ALI 1541/1543 chipset, K6-2 400, 256MB PC-100.
Tried 30.82, 40.72, 41.09, 42.70, none works.
Same for both w98 se and w2k sp3.
Does that ring a bell for anyone?

so u tried my advise for this file ?

I solved my problem (could not play Half life or any other modes of the game in another way than “Sofware-mod” !! so i had no opengl nor direct3d)
my drivers are all up to date (leadtek gforce4 mx440 running on wind2k)
i downloaded this file :
nVidia Refresh Rate Fix MKII for Detonator 40.41
(nividia’s script modified by a programmer)
(it helps reshresh rates for geforces cards under windows 2000 and XP

  • Solves 60 Hz bug for DirectDraw, Direct3D and OpenGL
  • Lets you specify refresh rates from 60 up to 240.
  • Compatible to Detonator 40.41
  • Also works with older Detonators, since 28.32)Description
    If you have a nVidia graphics card, you’ll probably know about the very common bug, that occurs together with the nVidia Detonator drivers under Windows NT/2000/XP: Normally, you can’t get a higher refresh rate than 60 Hz in the OpenGL/Direct3D modes, which makes you very blind after a while of gaming. :wink: I programmed this tool, to fix this bug, since I could not find an existing tool for this on the internet, which is compatible with the new official Detonator v28.32 drivers. There already were some tools around that supported the older Detonator versions.

now half life runs smooth and fine

Refresh rates with windows and opengl are not the best of couples so improving your PC allows it to be more stable as a game platform…

two advises : Go to Half life and counterstrike Web site’s forum in the tech problems part and see for advise on OPENGL or ask them telling exactly the same message u get when error occures
i got my advise, that allowed my pc to run OpGL with HL on the DAY OF DEFEAT’s forum this is the link : (i am sure there are settings and stuff u can use to improve your pc and help your card run opengl)…&threadid=27528

the_klint wrote:
>so u tried my advise for this file ?

Since the problem was the same under w98, I
didn’t try the refreshRate fix yet.

Curiously, yesterday I got OpenGL to work under w98 – a driver un- & reinstall (30.82)
did it. Many OpenGL demos and games work
now :-), Neverwinter Nights still crashes,
though :-(.

The Nvidia demos work, too, which didn’t
before. Impressive they are.
Do they use the OpenGL API?

The refreshRate fix I’ll try tonight on w2k,
thanks for the tip.

Well I made it work by putting my old ATI rage Xpert 2000 back in and installing the drivers for it. so if u have an ati card put it back in and then install the drivers then put your old one back in and install that one too.

Alas, the refresh rate fix did not help. :frowning:

Hi - bit off topic, but I’m going mad… I recently got a Gforce4 MX 440 made by Mercury… How do I run 2 monitors with it? There’s only one socket…

Sorry if I’m just being a fool…

To answer some of my own questions…
I wrote as rainer.blome-a-t-web-d-e:
> Neverwinter Nights still crashes, though :-(.

NWN works now – in english. The german version I never got to work.

> The Nvidia demos work, … Do they use the OpenGL API?

Yes, most of them. This is apparent in the name of many of them. At least two (Creature and Toy Soldiers, I think) have DX7 in their name. Creature does work under w2k, the other doesn’t.

To my dismay, even a fresh install of win2k did not fix the problem.

Originally posted by DJ_SYLVER_T:
Well I made it work by putting my old ATI rage Xpert 2000 back in and installing the drivers for it. …

Intersting tip. A Rage 128 Pro I have, should be the same chip, so I’ll try this. [2003/02/26: Sadly, this did not help. ]

Before switching to the ATI, did you uninstall your nVidia drivers? Which ones were installed?

Were the ATI drivers already installed before you switched to the ATI? If so, which version?
If not, which ATI drivers did you install?

Before switching back to the nVidia, did you uninstall the ATI drivers?
Which nVidia driver did you install?

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to the person who wanted to run dual monitors, its not possible with the geforce4 mx series. if you have the money you can get a geforce4 ti4200,ti440, or the ti4600 (ti4200 being the cheapest out of the ti’s) that has one vga port as well as a dvi port. you can plug one monitor into the vga port and then buy a dvi-vga adapter cable for the second monitor. you can then use the Nview manager located in your control panel to adjust your dual monitor settings. i don’t recommend this though because in first person shooters, its a little hard to aim when the crosshairs are in the middle of the monitors. i recommend using one ti4200 AGP with the two monitors plugged in plus a geforce 4 mx440 PCI with an additional monitor plugged in, then using nview, you would have a gaming system with peripheral vision. this would be good for games like half life and microsfot flight simulator, but you may have to download patches for you to have peripheral vision.

sorry for double posting but i meant ti4400 instead of ti440. sorry about the confusion.

To all you people complaining things dont run on win98: stop wining and get a REAL os. How does new stuff supposed to run on old junk like win98? newer games arent designed to run on outdated technology. Install win2k or winXP and then try complaining again.
Even Micro$oft doesnt support win98 anymore

I’ve got an ASUS GF4 MX 440 DDR 64 tv out
and Win2002…
The Game is HalfLife / Dod

Before I Played with 29,40A drivers, and all runs well…
then I’ve downloaded the ASUS drivers update 31.40H and now, randomply, while I’m playing computer give me back a blu screen with this words:

***Hardware Malfunction
Contact your hardware vendor
The system has halted

This is very frustrating…

Now i’m tring to reinstall all the computer… and check the problem by a “progressive” installation of all the drivers…

A Question: is best to use the Nvidia detonator drivers or the Asus drivers ?