GeForce 3 Probs!!!!

I cant seem to get my GeForce3 to work at all… Ive downloaded and installed the latest D3 drivers from, and Ive also tried updating the AGP drivers for my motherboard chipset. Anyone haveing a similar problem out there? I just got this thing and I cant even get it to run in a resolution over 640x480 in 16 colors, /barf. Also, whevever I start up Windows, it gives an error message saying something to the effect of " The display adapter you have is not working or configured properly, try downloading updated drivers". I have a Dell 700Mhz pc with 768Mb sdram, I am replacing a TNT2 Ultra that worked just fine, but was starting to get a little slow on the newer stuffs out there. Please, if you have had a similar problem or can give me some solutions I migh not have thought of yet, Ide greatly appreciate it!