GeForce 2 Ultra running Slow

Please , if u had this card or not , try to help me

I bough a GeForce 2 Ultra and I already try two kinds of motherboards and processors. Now I m using a P-III 800 Mhz, 256 MB and a ASUS - CUSLV-C motherboard, I get 2800 Score in 3Dmarks 2001, it is a bit slow for a Geforce 2 ultra card. I made a Performance Test (v 3.3) and I compare with a Athlon 750 with a GeForce 2 GTS but the GTS card is running a lot faster than my card. If u guys have some advises, BIOSes, Drivers or something who increases the speed, please help me, Im really desppearated. (u know, I spend 500 buks). Im running in Windows ME.


sorry about my english

GeForce2 ultra runs better on win 2000 pro
try that instead on win me i had the same problem b4.
now i have a prophet 3 and i get like 13,184 on benchmark 3d 2000