Geforce 2 mx400

I have recently purchased a geforce2 mx400 starforce826 and it will not run opengl, but it has it, and it should. I’ve put the drivers in over and over and can’t get it to run.

ya i got that problem, does anybody know how to fix it?

In my experience, when people say “it will not run OpenGL”, they usually mean a specific game or games. If that’s the case, please say which games. Telling us what OS and drivers you’re using might also be helpful.

I have alos just perchased this card but I play Half Life and am running in OpenGl mod, the thing i have a concern with is if I have the correct driver for this, I have the most recent driver from the Nvidia site but my ? is does this include the OpenGL support or is thier a another driver I need to get…Reason why I am concerned is that in the game I get about 45fps and I believe I should be getting a little more out of it, I have spent most of the day playign around with teh open GL setting that are provided in properties for the card itself…BTW I am runng HL at 800x600 resolution I did bump it up but recieved poorer fps and the picture was not as clear…

Thanks In Advance,

Patrick Newell

If the drivers didn’t work, you’d have gotten under 5FPS, probably. You obviously do have OpenGL acceleration. As for getting more FPS, I’m sure there are many sites that deal with tweaking. (Sorry, not a tweaker myself, and don’t think this is the site to get such help.)