ge force mx open gl wont run

i have ge force 2 mx d3d works on most games but gl on none i have win 98 se direct x8
detanator ver
could dx8 over dx7 make a diffrence or the new drivers as i thougt maybe there might be a clash because its for ge force 3,
do i have to install dx before drivers i have never had a problem with previous cards from nvidia or there drivers ??
q2 boots but only in software then when i change to gl it just hangs with a grey screen have to pull plug ,hl does same but works in d3d ?
also what is the best setting under the open gl tab in display properties?

I do not belive in some kind of a clash. The drivers is for your card also. DX8 or DX7 should not make any difference.
Yes, I belive that you have to install DX before the drivers.

I think that nvidia has newer drivers on their web page so go and get them.