GDC 2005 - San Francisco - March 10th, 2005

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. is holding a COLLADA sponsored session at
Game Developrt Conference 2005 in San Francisco.

COLLADA: An Open Interchange Format for the Interactive 3D Industry
… Remi Arnaud (Graphics Architect, Sony Computer Entertainment America)
… Mark Barnes (COLLADA Project Lead, Sony Computer Entertainment America)
Time/Date: Thursday (March 10, 2005) 12:00pm -1:00pm
Track: Programming
Format: Sponsored Session
Experience Level: All - Open to All Levels

COLLADA allows artists working in XSI, Max, Maya to share data easily because it
enables the import and export of files. COLLADA also makes writing tools for
games easier because instead of having to write exporters for all the tools that
are used, one can simply write a COLLADA tool. This reduces development and
maintenance costs and reduces dependency on a particular brand of tool.

In the COLLADA sponsored session we will cover 3 areas of the project:

  • Quality of tools for import and export. We are working on conformance test
    suites so measure the robustness of plug-ins from our DCC partners like
    Softimage. We’ll demonstrate COLLADA content running on the PSP exported from

  • Ease of use with the upcoming COLLADA API. The new API is written in C++ and
    provides an asset centric interface to a COLLADA database. The API is designed
    to be a COLLADA reference implementation that is easy to integrate with
    applications and run on multiple platforms.

  • Future glimpse of COLLADA 2.0 features. We are designing new features for
    COLLADA with various partners that include:

  • Physics with Novodex/Ageia supporting rigid body dynamics.
  • Shader Effects with NVIDIA, Softimage, 3Dlabs, and ATI to enhance COLLADA’s existing
    capabilities with programmable materials and shaders.

Please join SCEI at GDC 2005 to learn more about COLLADA!


Here are the presentation slides from GDC 2005.

PSP Tool Chain
FX Composer 2.0