GCN Assembler for Linux

Hi. I released a complete and rich GCN assembler for Linux/Unix.

It is here: CLRadeonExtender
Documentation (ugly, but it is): CLRXToc
Downloads: ClrxDownloads
This is early alpha version that can be buggy and have ugly documentation.

This package provides:

  • a complete GCN assembler (support GCN 1.0/1.1/1.2, full Fiji support!)
  • a complete GCN disassembler (this same support as assembler)
  • CLRXWrapper (embeds assembler to AMD OpenCL implementation), just try!
  • documentation
  • doxygen documentation
  • no samples (not yet)

Rich features:

  • compatible with GNU as
  • macros, nested macros
  • includes (nested even in macros)
  • symbols assignment, assignment expressions to symbols (.eqv pseudo-op)
  • conditional compilation (.if/.elseif/.else/.endif)
  • repetitions (.rept, .irp, .irpc)
  • many kernels support
  • GPU/binary format/bitness detection (.ifgpu/…ifngpu)
  • AMD OpenCL driver detection (.get_driver_version).
  • standalone binary generator for AMD Catalyst (works fine with latest drivers!) and GalliumCompute
  • and more…

I encourage to test this special software and to share impressions/conclusions/thoughts.