game problems

when I use games (serious sam 2nd & medal of honor) they slow down to lock up then resume. This constantly happens every minute. What could be the problem? I am not an expert with computers.

Hard to tell from your description.

Do you have an ATI based card? It could be that your card is overheating and ATI’s VPURecover kicks in every time and resets the card. In this case check if the fan is still fully operational or, if its a fanless design, that there is at least some airflow around the heatsink.

I had the same problem in Soldier Of Fortune 2 but it was not every minute, it was every 5-10 minutes. I had overclocked my graphics card, and when all the missed frames built up, it would freeze for a second while clearing the missed frames from the video memory. Have you tried using the V-Sync features? Or if you have overclocked, just lower it a bit.