Game issue

laptop, p4 2.53,512mb: I have an ATI radeon 9000. The system check for the game shows that the system requirements for openGL are not met (it says i need non-windows generic openGL 1.3.0 drivers). Any tips on where i could find/download this? Thanks.

use the newest catalyst drivers, and if they won’t install, which migth be on a Mobile radeon, then download the ati-modding tool, which u can download from
good luck, please let me know if it works, as it does for me.

I used this tool to modiefy the generic catalyst drivers I downloaded from the ati site to force installation on my radeon Mobile IGP and It works, I actually got better performande afterwards. If it doest work, the worst thing that could happen is that u should start your system in safemode to uninstall (just by using controlpanel/software), and reinstalling the original drivers that came with your notebook.