Gainward Geforce2 Ti 450 problem

I just changed out my video card from a Voodoo 3 2000 to a Gainward Geforce2 Ti 450 card. Problem is that any game that uses OpenGL won’t run now. Two examples would be Serious Sam: The Second Encounter and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. I’m using the latest Detonator drivers from nVidia (and by the way, I’m running 98SE).

When I try to use glsetup I get nowhere as it says there’s not a driver out there for my card. I find this strange since this isn’t a new card and so there should be support for it.

I’m really frustrated that you simply can’t download OpenGL from someplace and instead you have to jump through a bunch of hoops.

So, has anyone else run into problems with a similiar card and OpenGL? And also is there a link to download OpenGL without going through the GLsetup site?


Never mind, I was able to correct the problem thanks to another post on this board. (changing the DVA=0 line in win.ini)