G-force4,Open GL, H-L,Jedi 2

Got a new g-force4 mx420, and can’t run H-L, or jedi in open gl.H-L works fine in d3d, and jedi doesn’t give you the option. When i start H-L, the game will load and then my screen splits into 2 and the game will be in the upper half and the bottom half is all jumbled with vertical lines, the same with jedi. The only way back to normal is by rebooting. I have a amd athalon 1.6, win 98, 384 megs ram. Also the instuctions for the g-force state that direct x8.1 must be loaded to run the card , this came with the card on a cd. i think it’s the open gl cause d3d games work fine. i’d like to know if anyone else is having the same prob. all suggestions will be appreciated. thanx in advance.

It’s usually best to download the latest drivers from the Nvidia website, as the drivers that ship on the CD are never up to date. It’s also probably a good idea to make sure you have the full DirectX 8.1 installed, you should be able to visit WindowsUpdate, if it offers DirectX 8.1 as a download option, then you probably don’t have it installed.

Read the instructions on the Nvidia website on how to install/reinstall your drivers.

Hope this helps…