.fx files from COLLADA max


When I create a DX9 material in Max 7.0. and select one of the provided .fx files (in Max’s map directory), then export the DAE, everything works…that is, I can see the fx information in the DAE. However, when I select on of my own .fx files in the material editor, the exported DAE does not contain any information on the effect at all. In fact, it just exports a “lambert” material. My .fx file shows it’s parameters in the material editor and everything looks okay, but it’s like the exporter ignores it.

Any ideas? I can send the 2 .fx files if someone thinks it might help.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Please read the following thread:


You can attach a debugger onto 3dsMax, while it is doing the export to verify whether ASHLI outputs any errors. As a follow-up on the discussion linked above: I believe I have found the way to intercept the IGame output debug messages and I’ll re-route them to a MessageBox, when the plug-in is compiled in release-mode.