Future OpenGL and Tesselation & Geometry-Shader

Hallo everyone,

at first: One of my hobbies is game-modding and now I want to go more in detail for technology and 3d-programming … and I am studying geoinformation so I am really not new to the topic and working with graphics even 3D is my daily business but I am still new to the specific topic graphics-APIs. And I am sorry for my bad english I am a german.

3-4 month ago I read about the development that the geometry-shader stage and/or tesselation stage of the rendering-pipeline are going to be not needed anymore in future-versions of OpenGL. Unfortunatly I do not know anymore where I read this, but could anybody confirm that there is such a development? And as far as I understood the pipeline and the job of these both stages I can not imagine that both stages would not be needed anymore.

If it is true, what is the reason for this development?

My source for understanding the pipeline and its stages: https://www.opengl.org/wiki/Rendering_Pipeline_Overview

Thanks in advance!