FusionCL.Net - new net wrapper around OpenCL (VisualS2017)

FusionCL.Net is a new wrapper around OpenCL for C#(4.7.2) -

The git is online, and it is working. It’s not 100% complete but you can create programs, run kernels, create membuffers and read/write them. It works fine for me on a Nvidia 1060.

There are two projects on the git repo.

FusionCLNative.dll - this is a C++ wrapper around opencl, you do not need to use this.

FusionCL.Net - This is a C# set of classes(Namespace:FusionCL) that internally uses the native dll to create and use the OpenCL library.

Like i said, not 100% complete, but it is working and usable. Only a small amount of code really, but it works well and I think is very easy to use.

  • So, yeah just a head’s up. Free for anyone, please let me know if you run into any issues or have any requests for future commits. Cheers!


Hi AntDevUnity,

  1. wrapper doesn’t support Interop with OpenGL/Direct3D
  2. wrapper doesn’t support selection of OpenCL device on Systems with multiple GPU

Yeah it’s early in but I do plan to finish up supporting all opencl features, including interop.

As for multiple systems yeah I will add that too.