from 9.0a back to 8.1 ?


I installed directx 9.0a, but it doesn’t work with my graphics card, I updated my card drivers… but still no changes.
I can’t play gay that require hardware acceleration. So is there a way to go back to 8.1 or is there something ells I should try ?

Thank you.

Run dxdiag.exe in /system32 directory then go to display tab then under directx features disable the 3 acceleration options and then immediately enable then. I ran the tests before I did this then disabled and enabled and it solved my problem. I have to do this everytime I update Directx or my nivia drivers.
Hope this works for you.

ok, now i got an other problem u c.
the 3 buttons to disable the acceleration i can’t push them. and to the right of it u c test directdraw and test direct3d
i can push the directdraw button but not the direct3d.
in the lowest window where the test results appear, it says something about the file nvdisp.drv dunno what to do man. and this realy sux

maybe if needed for further help i got:
Geforce2 Mx-400 64MB
1.0 Ghz Athlon
256 RAM

What I did, was just went back to DirectX 8.1b. You’ll need to get the DirectX 8.2 update from, it comes with 8.1. It’s about 27mb. Then goto and do a search for DirectX 9 uninstaller. It will come up with only one match. It has instructions on how to do it, just it doesn’t tell you that you’ll get errors after replacing and rebooting.

What you need to do after this is install the DirectX 8.2 you got from microsoft. It makes things all better.

After doing this, my computer even ran faster. Besides, DirectX 9 still isn’t compatible with a lot of things.

Hope this helps!!!