Freezing when playing MOHAA

I have this weird problem.

When i play Medal of Honor: Allied Assault i see alot of white flickering and sometimes also red a green flickering. The screen also freezes for about 10 sec intervalls and then comes back to the game. I have the absolutely latest drivers and a completely new install of the game and it still goes on.

Can any1 help?

Sounds like a data integrity / compatability issue. If you’re overclocking dial it back to manufacturers settings.

Get the very latest drivers, then:

This is very difficult to diagnose, it could be MANY things but you could experiment to see if you can make a difference to the problem.

Try playing with your AGP settings, experiment with your DIMMs if you have >1 (by pulling one then the other). It could be your mobo.

Bottom line, take the card back if you can’t fix this, or consider it may be time to upgrade your motherboard.