freeze effect on OpenGL games ..

i tried to run Half-Life and Jedi Knight 2 and i get exactly the same effect on both of them.
i enter the game. everything’s fine for about 2 seconds, then the game freezes. after about 10 seconds of freeze, i can move again, for 1-2 seconds, then the freeze effect repeats itself the same as before.
I tried Diablo2 (D3D) and everythin seems to be fine, so i assume it’s only OpenGL games…

i’ve got DX9 and latest graphic card drivers installed… i have no idea what to do next.

any ideas ??

my comp details:
P3 733
GeForce4 4200 Ti 128MB


I have the exact same problem!!! I run debian linux, had everything working for about a year then i suddenlu updated my NVIDIA drivers and this started to happen?!?!?!

I downgraded and the problem was still there…
I have tried everything… reinstalled my entire system etc…

it wont go away…

any ideas ??

Sounds like your video card to me… Can’t think of anything else…

Urine, or your out