Well, one day i upgrade my Detonator Driver, and then everything started…

I’m on win2k pro, and i can’t play a video games more than 2 hours. There are exceptions, for example Quake 3 and the last release of hl/cs seems to last enough but everything else in 3D make my computer freeze! Even e 3D OpenGL screensaver! I’ve read a bunch of things to do (Registry, BIOS AGP, heat of the cpu/mem, changing PC)…

Does anyone get ride of these troubles?

Plz help

PS: excuse my ofor my bad english


I am having similar problems. When I try to play my CS in OpenGL mode, I get about a solid 1-2 minutes(yes minutes) of gaming and then I freeze. I have added ram, lowered the computer temp., and downloaded the latest drivers for my card and I still freeze.

By the way, what card are you using? I am using a G4 MX440.

Me three i have all the same problems as you guys have but i’m using a G4 mx 420

I have the same problem but I am running a GeForce 4 Ti 4600. Same stupid 2 minutes of gameplay.

me to I have the same one but if some one sove it can they reply to it

can one of you get on the microsoft about it

Me Too… Here’s an old post i made here ::

Another one with similar problems, using :
Asus V8170 GeForce4 64mb DDR / ECS K7S5A / AMD 1400mhz on WinXP Pro. Latest everything.
I’m not a big gamer, so i only had this on the one game i play - Unreal Tourn GOTY edition… Can be anything from first map to 10 maps into the game [always LAN games] and i get a hard freeze, reboot required. Noticed also that during this freeze it’s not just the video subsystem frozen, the box cannot even be ping’d over the network, no traffic leaves the box at all [can see on the switch]. Audio seems to die just before the freeze, like quarter of a second before, a sort of crack sound from the speakers… And again nothing in the event logs or the game logs, the game log actually stops “mid word”…!