fraps still the right choice ?

i’m planning to capture frames from my opengl applications, creating the best video file possible, doing voice/sound overdub, then writing a movie dvd (hopefully many) for publication (for viewing on television).

i’ve search all threads here extensively, and most threads on this topic are a couple years old, so i wonder if fraps is still the right choice, as suggested back then? or is something new and better available? what is current best practice for dvd production starting with opengl?

being new to this community, i’m very surprised that the knowledgable contributors were referring questioneers to other products. i.e. i’m surprised that the creation of various video format files is not an opengl “extension” (i realize it doens’t have anything to do with modelling/rendering/shading/etc per se so it would be more of a tool than an extension).

or is it that:

the opengl ARB considers writing video files too far afield from the core product ? they don’t want to get into that stuff, or they don’t want to be too diffuse ?


there just isn’t a lot of interest in creating video files in this community?


the other existing software is just so good and so easy to use that there is no need to compete with it? (re-invent the wheel?)


someone that wanted to efficiently create videofiles -> movie dvds would be better off using something like maya in the first place?

will appreciate orientation and comments.


Well, OpenGL is a close to the hardware API… video file format… it just doesn’t belong to OpenGL. OpenGL provides lot of opportunity to optimize image capture but according 3D card capabilities. Encoding, it isn’t an OpenGL goal.