frames per second

I know the 1.4 spec is being drafted. So I have a request.

I would like to see some information, maybe within the <asset> tag, maybe within the new <animation> structure, which gives the frames per second units being used at the time of export by the DCC tool.

It would be useful to know this even though all times are recorded in seconds.

Isn’t this number going to be different for different hardware?

Maybe some other kind of score would be useful. For example, maybe a number that indicates how much resources a given mesh uses.

If you wanted, this kind of a score could be used to extrapolate frames per second on a given set of hardware.

No, this is not what I meant.

In Maya you can set the time working units, for example, to “Film (24fps)”. This is the information I would like to see in the COLLADA file. It would only be information so that you can know the time units used when the COLLADA file was created. We would find this useful to know in our tools.