float multiplication on GPU returns NaN

I have some float variables that won’t allow multiplication on the GPU.
The multiplication of the float variable “val” with any component(x,y or z) of the
Vec3 “dp” will always result in a “(-)1.#QNAN”, but only when running this kernel on
the GPU, the same works fine when running this kernel on the CPU.
I have triple-checked the single values by writing them to the finalResult buffer. Both
“val” and “dp” have the correct values (compared to the sequential implementation).
Even multiplication of “val” or any component of “dp” with other values works fine,
but “val*dp.x/y/z” will fail on GPU.
The function “Mul(Vec3 v, float f)” is also working fine on GPU in several other kernels.

for (unsigned int j=0; j<3; ++j) {
	unsigned int k=(j+1)%3;
	unsigned int l=(j+2)%3;
	Vec3 dp = Sub(curPositions[l], curPositions[k]); // Vec3f subtraction
	float val = deltaL2[k]*gamma[l] + deltaL2[l]*gamma[k];
	Vec3 fForce = Mul(dp, val); // NaN on GPU, OK on CPU
	results[j].x = dp.x*val; // NaN on GPU, OK un CPU
        results[j].y = val; // OK on GPU and CPU
        results[j].z = dp.x; // OK on GPU and CPU
        // results[j] = dp; // OK on GPU and CPU
finalResult[gid].v[0] = results[0];
finalResult[gid].v[1] = results[1];
finalResult[gid].v[2] = results[2];

Does anyone have an idea, why float multiplication would fail on GPU while
working fine on CPU?

It was in fact a driver issue.
After updating the driver for the AMD HD5770 to Catalyst 11.2 the multiplication
works fine on GPU.