fixed MOHAA

If you are getting the “Couldnt Load OPENGL” error, update ur graphics card drivers from the manufacturers website.

That fixed the “Couldnt Load OPENGL” error for me.

If your game crashes when the loading bar appears then more than likely you are using a backup copy of the original cds.

If the copy was made by DEVIANCE, U must use A DEVIANCE crack, If by Fairlight or Myth or anyother you have to use the crack they supplied with the game.

If you have an original copy u made from your cds then you might have to try a few cracks because the game will not run if the crack for it is wrong.

I know you might say that a crack is a crack but it doesnt work like that. |You have to use the crack that the releasers supplied otherwise mohaa will not work.

And to finish off.

Please go and buy the game. The developers deserve the money for makng such an excellent game.