First NVIDIA OpenCL Driver Version?

What is the first NVIDIA driver to have OpenCL support? I am running version 295.40 and finding no OpenCL devices. Ubuntu has versions 304 and 310 as experimental packages, but I am reluctant to install them if the driver isn’t the issue.

I think it would be easier to ask this at nvidia. they know it :roll:

Are implying that no OpenCL users have NVIDIA cards, and are thus ignorant of when OpenCL was implemented? Or perhaps that the question is inappropriate for this OpenCL forum?

295.40 definitely has support for OpenCL on some NVIDIA GPUs, but not all GPUs are supported (for example, a Tesla K20c did not work with this driver version on one of our boxes). Which GPU are you trying to use?

I just upgraded to version 304.84, which didn’t help. I’ve got a Quadro NVS 285. That’s a “NV44 A2” GPU. It is too antiquated, isn’t it?