Files of Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC)

Are there any frameworks, runtime files, software development kits, or anything else that includes the adaptive scalable texture compression (ASTC) for the operating system “Windows?”

What would it mean to “include” ASTC “for … Windows”? ASTC is an image compression format. So it has two parts: a compressor and the GPU that reads the compressed data. Neither part is specifically bound to Windows.

There are many ASTC compressors, and they run on pretty much any OS, as they’re not related to anything OS-specific. As for the OpenGL implementation and GPU, their support for ASTC is not governed by the dictates of the OS (usually. MacOS is a special case). If the GPU can support ASTC, and the OpenGL implementation exposes that support, then the implementation will expose the ASTC extension(s) and you can use it. Quite a lot of recent hardware provides ASTC support. On Windows.

According to the information provided by the Vulkan program, the Vulkan settings indicate that the parameter “textureCompressionASTC_LDR” is set to “false.” Does this mean that ASTC is not supported at all?

I may interpret that as a “yes.”