Fedora How to make a movie?

I have some tga image files, named: frame0551.tga frame0552.tga frame0553.tga …
how can I make these images to a video?

What does this have to do with OpenGL?

In general, pretty much any compression utility will be able to load a sequence of images and compress them via some codec.

I’d suggest Quicktime Pro from Apple. I believe it costs $30. It’s pretty easy to use. Other possibilities, which I’m less familiar with, are iMovie (Mac only), and MovieMaker (Windows XP). Not sure if MovieMaker can import tga’s. Quicktime Pro runs on both Apple and Windows computers. I use it alot.

I guess “fedora” in the title is a hint to a Linux solution, not Mac or XP … :slight_smile:

Search for “Create video from image file sequences” here :