FCollada Plugins with ColladaMaya

Hi guys,
Has anyone here succesfully extended the ColladaMaya exporter plugin with other FCollada plugins? Specifically i’m trying to write a FCPExtraTechnique derived plugin to handle some extra data i have on the effect node. My problems here are manifold, but basically boil down to:

  1. the only sample code i can find (from the Sourceforge SVN - its not in the distributed code) doesn’t seem to compile against the latest FCollada (3.05B). Even when i do manage to make it compile it doesn’'t seem to work.
  2. The reason for this is to do with the way it checks GetPluginType. To cut a long story short the operator == on FUObjectType checks that the addresses of the two FUObjectType structures are the same. Obviously when they have been compiled seperately this is never true, even when they are otherwise identical.

This all leads me to believe i am missing something - am i supposed to be able to build the ColladaMaya plugin in some particular way to make this work? Is there a magic VC++ build flag or other incantation i need…?

Any help greatly appreciated - i’ve wasted more time trying to make this work now than i budgeted to write the actual functionality i wanted :frowning:




Can you explain more precisely why you need to compare two FUObjectType ? Aren’t the typenames enough to resolve this problem ? (const char *GetTypeName () const )