Face Recognition Software

Hi guys

I know this is probably the wrong forums to ask this but I have a problem.

I’m currently working on my Honours Year Project at Glasgow Caledonian University. My project is a simple Face Recognition system. It is a develop and test project, which basically means I make and test it, however if the system does not work an alternative piece of software is allowed.

I’m using Robotics Studio and Visual Studio 2008 to code the system. I’m basically editing one of the MSDN samples but its somehow not allowing my edits to appear when I run the code any solutions would be appreciated :smiley:.

However I’m currently in the process of looking for a free (or at least trial) piece of software that is capable of face recognition.

I know this web site is for openGL and ggenerally graphics but I know many different people use this so I would be grateful for any recommendations.