extra and effect tags

Two questions.

  • The extra tag in some places is said to occur any number of times, in others one or zero times according to the spec. For example in library_cameras it’s unbounded and in camera is one or zero.

I was taking a look at the COLLADASchema.xsd and it seems that the extra tag is always unbounded. So is it always unbounded?

  • I couldn’t find a reference to the effect tag under library_effects in the 1.4 spec. Isn’t it part of the common profile?

Yes, the schema is always right :slight_smile:

The spec seems right too, since “zero or more times” is the same as “any number of times”. but this is inconsistent and can be confusing, and will be fixed.

Strange, the spec for <library_effects> says:
Child elements: asset, effect, extra
also it says:
The <library_effects> element can have one or more <effect> elements.

Hi, thanks for the answer.

About the effect tag I mean that I can’t find what attributes or values go into the effect tag. There’s the mention to it in library_effects but it doesn’t really tell what the data related to it is.

And the extra tag, if you look at 3-14, in the camera tag “related elements” section, it says “the <extra> element may occur zero or one time”.

The spec says that the child elements are:
asset, annotate, image, newparam, profile_CG, profile_GLSL, profile_COMMON

Yes, I can see that, and as I said this is not an error, it is an inconsistence, since it is the same as saying that you can have <extra> any number of times, which is what the schema says also.

It says zero or one time, not zero or more times or any number of times.

Oh, I missed that.
You are right the spec is wrong for <camera>

Many thanks for the bug report.

Yes, I was looking at ch3, this information is in ch7 COLLADA FX.