Exporting 3DS Max to Collada


I’m having problems exporting a 3DS Max 2010 scene to Collada. I tried using the built-in exporter as well as OpenCollada but in both cases the resulting file is missing detail found in the original scene.

The built-in exporter gives two warnings I don’t understand:

  1. Warning: Null not supported by COLLADA. Node <name> will lose its geometric information. The node transforms will be saved.

  2. The plug-in does not support the following objects’ geometry type and will convert them to an editable mesh. Morph and skin deformations may be lost. If ‘Enable in Viewport’ is deactivated, closed shapes are capped and open shapes are converted to dummy objects with no edges or faces. If ‘Enable in Viewport’ is active, the Viewport settings are used for the mesh conversion:
    <object name>

OpenCollada issues no warnings yet it strips away some materials from my model. Specifically, it seems to strip away “Architectural” materials which the built-in exporter also warns about. My guess is that both exporters only support the “standard” material type. Is this correct?

Is this forum appropriate for these questions or is there a better-suited forums for getting help exporting from 3ds max to collada?

Thank you,

The best place to report issues with the OpenCOLLADA project is http://code.google.com/p/opencollada/issues/list