Export gltf from 3d max to Three.js

I am importing a file .obj into 3ds max. Then, using the plugin, I export the model in gltf format and open it in three.js. Interaction with this model in three.js happens as with a single object. However, in 3ds max I convert the model to edit poly and assign different materials to the model elements. After that, I export the model in the format gltf in three.js. After that, in three.js, the model is not whole and interaction occurs with only one element of model. What do I need to do in 3ds max so that after assigning materials and exporting the model in three.js it is solid? I tried group, attach, boolean, but it didn’t work.

For each glTF “mesh”, THREE.GLTFLoader will create a THREE.Group with multiple THREE.Mesh children, one for each geometry/material pair:

  • Group
    • Mesh
    • Mesh

So you’ll need to write your interaction code (i.e. whatever three.js code interacts with the model) to manipulate these groups together, rather than individual meshes. If you’re not sure how to set that up, the three.js forums (https://discourse.threejs.org/) may be able to help.

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