example .zae files?


Are there any example .zae files or a .zae XML Schema for the manifest.xml file out there? I’ve looked at the 1.5 spec, and there’s mention of a couple of xml elements, but the exact format is still not clear to me.

thanks, Chuck

Hi Chuck,

A .zae file is simply a .zip archive that, in addition to other files, contains a file called “manifest.xml”.

The “manifest.xml” file must be a well-formed XML document that contains a <dae_root> element as described in the COLLADA 1.5 specification. I.e. the manifest document contains a single element whose text value can be a relative URI. There is no schema for the (trivial) document. For example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Also, the current version of the COLLADA DOM supports .zae files so you might want to give that implementation a look.

Ok, this works, but I see the following error:

Error: Document is empty

Error: Error parsing XML in daeLIBXMLPlugin::read

This occurs because the DOM first tries to open the given URI as a default document.
(See readFromFile(fileURI) on line 65 in daeioplugincommon.cpp)

After this the document is opened as zip archive and the file is loaded correctly.