Error: vx_tensor and VX_TYPE_TENSOR undeclared when installing OPENVX tuorial package

I am a newbie of OpenVX and am trying to install the tutorial package for learning. I follow the instruction in Khronos OpenVX Tutorial Material to build it on my Ubuntu 16.4, the process is as followed.

1----- Download the tutorial package at and extract it to ~/openvx_tutorial directory

2----- Download and install OpenCV 3.1 library: successful. The output files are placed at ~/opencv/build.

3----- Install CMAKE: successful

4----- Download and install Open-source OpenVX from AMD: no error

4.1. Download the open source at and extract it to ~/openvx_tutorial/tutorial_exercises/amdovx-core directory.

4.2. Compiling: no error

cd ~/openvx_tutorial/tutorial_exercises/amdovx-core
cmake ../amdovx-core/ -DOpenCV_DIR="~/opencv/build/ -DCMAKE_DISABLE_FIND_PACKAGE_OpenCL=TRUE

5----- Download and Install Khronos OpenVX Resources

5.1. Download the OpenVX 1.1 Sample Implementation at and extract it to ~openvx_sample

5.2. Installing

cd ~/openvx_sample
make install

The output files are at ~/openvx_sample/out/LINUX/x86_64/release. Then the following test commands are successful.

cd raw

6----- Compile the tutorial package

cd ~/openvx_tutorial
mkdir build-open-source
cd build-open-source
cmake ../tutorial_exercises

Then the errors happen, reporting that the variable type vx_tensor and the value VX_TYPE_TENSOR are not declared in file “amdovx-core/openvx/include/VX/vx_khr_nn.h” and “amdovx-core/openvx/include/vx_ext_amd.h” respectively.
I have also tried to build the package with QT but the same errors happened. Is there anyone encountered these errors before? How can I fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Dan, Thanks for reporting the problem. The errors were due to header files getting out of sync.
I updated the header files in openvx_tutorial repo from Khronos OpenVX registry and it fixed the problem.
If you find any other issue, please file in issue on the github repo.


Thank Radha,

Let me try it again.