Error Message OPENGL32.DLL and CIVIII

MY son is gettting this error message when he tries to start CivIII on his 450Mhz Intel gateway pc running Win98:

“The OPENGL32.DLL file is linked to missing export GDI32.DLL:GdiSwapBuffers”

It is a new install of this game. How can we get the Gdi to create or recreate the swap buffers for the game so the OpenGl works. He was cleaning up his hard drive awhile back and I’m curious if he could have deleted a shared file from some other app. that causes this error w/ the gdi, opengl. It just started to show up with CivIII and only on his machine. It loaded just fine on my Gateway Intel 500 and Win98. My PC is 4mos. newer? HELP!!!

also just installed new nvidiaGeforce2mx400/400 video card. Same error remains

anything new out there?

Opengl32.dll file was an older one. Replaced w/ a newer version( 1yr and 100kb newer) and system is up and running. Thanks nothing

No problem, you are welcome