Error getting function data from server when running on 680

I have a OpenCL program which runs happily on any of my Intel CPUs, NVidia 120GT and NVidia GTX580, however when I try to run it on a NVidia GTX 680 I get the following error during the clBuildProgram call :

OpenCL build for device id 0x1022600 GeForce GTX 680 failed with error 0: Error getting function data from server

I am running Mac OS X 10.8.1 with XCode 4.4.1 and the Apple OpenCL framework. I have done all the ‘fixes’ to enable OpenCL on the GTX 680 and can run Luxmark v2 on the 680 to confirm that OpenCL is in fact enabled for it.

Given the exact same code can run on every other OpenCL device I have, including a NVidia GTX580 why do I get this error and more importantly what does it actually mean?