Enumerating Display Settings in EGL


I am trying to replicate a D3D9 call (EnumAdapterModes) in EGL. I am using eglChooseConfig() to filter through the available modes, but the resulting configurations (EGLConfigs) do not contain all the data I need. Specifically, I would like access to the current configuration’s width, height, and refresh rate. Is this possible with EGL? If not, do I need to call platform-specific code to accomplish this? If so, what PC functions do you recommend using?



EGL has little knowledge of the overall physical display - you are expected to use platform-specific code for this, just as you must acquire platform-specific native display and window resources for EGL to associate EGL display and window surfaces with. I’m not enough of a Windows guy to help you out here, unfortunately.

Thank you for clarifying this. This helps a lot :slight_smile: