Enlarging images.

Im wanting to blit a 8x8(size not important) onto a screen size of 32x32(size bigger than the image) by scaling it 4x4 times, and obvoiusly losing quality, is there a way I can improve on this or do I just have to have better images?

You can enable image filtering with image rendering quality options in vg for scaling images down, but won’t help for scaling up, you need a higher quality image.

If your using acceleration, small sizing can be really in-efficient sometimes, it’s usually better to use multiples of the texture stride granularity on your platform.

If you use VG_IMAGE_QUALITY_FASTER/BETTER you should usually get some filtering, likely just bilinear filtering, but perhaps some higher quality algorithm depending on the implementation.

If you are already doing this and quality is not sufficient, then I’d advise using larger sized assets. Also look at whether you can get the effect you want using paths, or by combining images and paints.