ELSA Winner II Savage 4 card

I have a ELSA Winner S3 II Savage 4 Pro rev. C card (32mb 2x agp) running on an AMD K6 2-500. Even though it says it isn’t supported, I installed opengl and now my life is hell. Quake 3 works fine, but when I run Urban Terror (a mod for Q3) it starts out ok until i enter a game, then i get the grey screen for a few secs, then i’m back in windows with my gamma messed up. do i have to reinstall the via drivers?

When I try to uninstall opengl, it gives me an error:
Could not open install.LOG file

how can I do an uninstall
other than uninstalling my vid drivers and reinstalling? does anyone know of new drivers for this old card that will work with opengl?