Element Ordering?

Can someone that knows XML better than I, or that knows how to use their schema tools answer something for me?

Does the order of elements really matter?

Take for example the element ‘sampler2D’. If my COLLADA object has the element ‘magfilter’ before ‘minfilter’, it won’t pass the Coherency test. Is this the way things are intended to be, or is it a problem with how the schema was coded?

Since <minfilter>, <magfilter>, and their siblings are contained in an xs:sequence in the schema, the order does matter. In general, it seems that the schema usually specifies a specific ordering instead of allowing things to appear in any order.

Doing some more reading after my post, I found somewhere that basically it’s a limitation of XML Schema. Relax NG can indicate that order doesn’t matter. Oh well. XML isn’t really my thing. I’d rather do x86 assembly personally :wink: