Hi All

I use eglCopyBuffers to copy color buffer to a native pixmap.
I simply call eglCopyBuffers(gEglDisplay, gEglWindow, eglDataFromDump);

eglDataFromDump is a EGLNativePixmapType variable.
I set EGLNativePixmapType eglDataFromDump = NULL;

Finally,the copy operation failed, and eglDataFromDump is empty.

What is the problem of the usage of eglCopyBuffers?


i think you need to create a native pixmap then pass the handle cast to EGLNativePixmapType and not just a null pointer.

yes, this is the problem, once i think EGL will create and allocate for user, but it seems not. i will try it. thanks

I have same problem! How have you resolve?