EGL and input


I am developing an application that uses EGL to get a graphics context and delegates the platform specific parts to platform modules. That way, it is cross-platform and can work on any system that supports EGL, not depending on any particular display system (such as X11 or Wayland). However, EGL does not handle input, which forces me to develop an interface that abstracts it, and to implement a translation layer on each platform module.

Are there are any plans for integrating input handling in EGL? Perhaps I am wrong, but I believe it would be very useful, by avoiding duplicating code on every application - which is error-prone and resource-consuming. Is StreamInput related to this? I have read a bit on it, although there’s few information available, and it seems to be focused around newer technologies like sensors. Will it support traditional (i.e. keyboard and mouse) input? If so, I hope it is modularized enough as to be available on platforms that only provide a keyboard.

For what it’s worth, I am implementing a console emulator like David Herrmann’s kmscon, in C++, around EGL and with a modularized approach, with renderer modules - for now, only OpenGL ES 2. I aim at making it working on KMS and also Wayland, and here is where abstracted input handling would help.


That’s what a part of OpenKode was target, you could use OpenKD as the start of your abstraction. It’s unlikely EGL will ever deal with input.