EGL 1.2 .h header file


I’m experimenting with making a OpenGL ES wrapper around Direct3D, and I’d like an EGL header file which I can use. Unfortunately, the EGL page lists the header file as “coming soon”.

I don’t want to use one from a GPL or commercial project, where my use of it may violate their license terms.

I can piece together a header file from the spec and reference manual, but I can’t find the values for the EGL_ constants anywhere which I am allowed to get them from.

Would anyone know of a header file I can use without licensing troubles?


Thanks for adding the EGL 1.1 header to the Khronos site - I’ve downloaded it and it’s perfect for my use.

In case anyone is interested, I made the following changes to my local copy of egl.h:

  • Replaced all occurrences of APIENTRY with GL_APIENTRY, to avoid conflicts with WIN32’s APIENTRY (I’m building as a static library for ease of debugging).
  • I added an appropriate egltypes.h for my implementation.

Regarding egltypes.h, is there any guidance for what each Native and EGL type should be?

I’ve typedefed them to the appropriate types for my implementation, but obviously this means that the resulting DLL will not be compatible with any other GLES implementation, since the types won’t match.

Was swapping of an application’s GLES implementation by supplying an appropriate DLL intended in GLES’s design?