dual monitors

is it possible to get opengl working on both screens with to diff vid cards? (Diamond Viper v770 TnT2 Ultra and 3DB GeForce 2 MX PCI) totaly won’t work for me =)). i’m using win2k…

As far as I know, Windows (any version) does not support hardware accelerated graphics with multiple monitors. I am pretty sure this is a DX issue.

I can play all DirectX games in my primary monitor while my secondary monitor is on (I use it to display walkthru or have my Outlook/ICQ opened and checking mail while playing games!). But all OpenGL games I’ve played so far can’t run (or run in <1fps slideshow mode) if my second monitor is activated. If I turn the 2nd monitor off, OpenGL runs great.

Is there any workaround/patch/hack so I can keep my secondary monitor activated while running OpenGL games?