Dual Monitors Quake3

I am running dual monitors. I have GeForce Ti 4600 AGP, and a ATI Radeon 7000 PCI. The problem I am having is with dual monitors setup and the Geforce being my primary I cannot run any OpenGL games for example Quake3, Quake2, CS, Or any of them. I get the error nVidia OpenGL driver…Driver component sizes mis-match. Retry to keep going. Cancel to exit. I have tried everything but cannot get Quake3 to work with Dual Monitors enabled. I know Quake3 doesn’t use both monitors so thats not what I am saying here. One of the monitors should simply go blank so I can play, but thats just not happening. If I disable the ATI and reboot my games work fine. Has anyone had this problem, and if so what can I do about it. Surely, I can have dual monitors and play my games somehow you would think.


I have been running into a similar problem, but using two (nearly) identical cards, I figured it was because they both ended up using the same driver… wrong! From nVidia’s support site: Some OpenGL games will not work on a dual monitor setup, it’s not our drivers fault but some issue in OpenGL. To play the game simply disable your secondary monitor, bla, bla bla.
Well, in my case this doesn’t work, either. Tried it with several games, but what gets me really mad is that I can’t play Warcraft III nor Civilization 3…