I’ve been looking all over the internet for drivers for a – Trident Video Accelerator Blade 3D/MVP4 – (please laugh, i know i’m poor and it’s like 3 yrs old ) i’m looking for XP drivers for it, or perhaps just XP compatible drivers for it, and i know that according to the half-life hardware survey, there’s about 180 people out there using this card!

If anyone knows what version of windows drivers might be compatible with it, or where i can find the XP drivers, i’d kill someone for you, and sacrifice a goat in your honor!

Make your own. All you need is a hammer, a saw, some wood (pine works best, but cedar will do), a few nails, and your parents’ permission. Just do a google search for “homemade WinXP drivers for ancient video card” and you should be able to find some easy-to-follow directions. Follow these directions, and you’ll be Half-lifing and Counter Striking in no time!

see, now you’ve got me all confused, you give me multiple options on wood, i tried the google search and didn’t find the directions, and still can’t figure out where on it i’m supposed to nail the saw! it’s all so fast, and doesn’t make sense. thanks for pointing me in the right direction though… cough