My question is about the undocumented <double_sided> element.
Look at this:

<technique profile=“GOOGLEEARTH”>

This file is rendered ok in GoogleEarth but not in my parser app.
The problem is that the effects that has no textures in them are rendered above the textures such that these textures become invisible.
Next, the effects with textures in them have the abovementioned <double_sided> element. So I’m almost sure that by considering this element GoogleEarth draws those textures correctly.

Do you know how to handle <double_sided> element?
What does its content ( 1 ) means?
Is there any <one_sided> element by default?

Your answers will be highly appreciated!
Thanks very much.

The <double_sided> element used by Google there looks to be a standard xs:boolean type. So “1” or “true” means render double-sided, and “0” or “false” means render single-sided.

Thanks for your input.
Anyway do you know how this <double_sided> element can help with drawing the textures above the materials?
Currently what I have is that my materials are drawn above the textures, and I don’t know how to handle this element… :frowning:

Sorry, I’m not familiar with that problem. It sounds like it could be a bug in your renderer. Can you render textured Collada models from other sources (Max, SoftImage, etc) ok?