DOM shared library under Linux


How can I build the shared library version of the DOM in Linux? “make” only builds the static libraries… is there a flag I’m missing or something?


The problem is likely that you’re using the last official release (which doesn’t include Linux shared lib support). Get the latest DOM code from Sourcefoge: svn co … /trunk/dom collada-dom

Make sure to install development files for PCRE, libxml, and boost filesystem. For Ubuntu that would look like this: apt-get install libpcre3-dev libxml2-dev libboost-filesystem-dev

Build release by running ‘make’ in the dom directory, or build debug by running ‘make conf=debug’. Both static and shared libs are built. More build info can be found in the readme in the make folder that comes with the DOM.

A new official release is coming soon, and at that time I’ll have all the documentation in place to explain this properly.