DOM & RT with OpenGL / embedded linux

Hi All,
I’m a newbie to Collada so I apologize in advance. Is there a tutorial regarding compiling the collda dom/RT on embedded linux? Specifically I would like to build an application for beagleboard ( and alike.

Thanks in advance,

Building DOM / RT and Viewer on this embedded linux might seems alot of work.
It really depends if the development environment have all the dependency library ready.
The DOM use external libs like
libxml2 or tinyxml
You can build the DOM without boost and minizip with -DNO_BOOST and -DNO_ZAE frag.
You still need either libxml2 or build your own tinyxml.
pcre is something that you will need also.

For RT, you could avoid using bullet and devil, you will have to use tga for all your texture.
RT also requires OpenGL ES.

You probably can’t use Cg since it only works in nvidia chip.

What you want to do is not impossible.
I would recommand to start building dom/fx/rt/viewer by triming down the stuff that I mentioned above. You might ran out of memory very quick since loading and parse a COLLADA document in the DOM take lot’s of memory.

I am interested to see how DOM/RT works in embedded linux.
Let me know if you need any helps.