Do I support OpenGL 1.2?

I was not the one who bought my computer so Gateway will not offer free tech support. Go figure. I am trying to play Neverwinter Nights but there is some conflict, with video card I believe (tried to install MOHAA and it said my card did not support multitexturing capability, I am assuming it’s the same conflict). My system is a Gateway Solo 9300, PIII 600 with a ATI RAGE MOBILITY-M1 AGP (8MB) video card. I have the 670 KB opengl32.dll and a 300 KB or so opengl32.lib file in my windows/system32 directory. I have read through the other fixes but none seem to match up (e.g., I do not have the DVA=0 line in my win.ini file). Let me know if you need more info. Thanks!

oh yeah I have Windows 2000

NWN requires 16MB graphics memory (on this box at least it says so – the requirements keep increasing, I observe).

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