Do I have OpenGL on my laptop... how to know?

How can I determine whether or not I have OpenGL on my computer, and which version it might be?

I have a Gateway laptop with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD2300 video card. I want to use the laptop for 3D GIS (mapping) work, and the company who makes the mapping software says it requires a video card optimized for OpenGL 1.2 or higher. So I assume I need OpenGL…

The specs on the HD2300 say “Complete feature set also supported in OpenGL 2.0”. So does that mean the HD2300 is “optimized” for OpenGL?

I don’t know the lingo, I don’t really know what OpenGL is, and I don’t know if I have it. How can I tell?

On my PC I found these:

Check out:

That will tell you what version of OpenGL your video card supports. And that means, if your video card supports OpenGL x.x you “have OpenGL” and specifically “you have OpenGL x.x”.

And if the results are negative, it means you need a better driver from ATI.